About Us

Wherewechat aka WWC is owned, powered, managed and operated by AIMEAGLES SMS MARKETING COMPANY
AIMEAGLES SMS MARKETING COMPANY mainly specializes in inernet marketing, advertisement, buying and selling, online advertisements, bulk sms services, digital marketing,  information computer technology and communication.
AIMEAGLES SMS MARKETING COMPANY ensconced wherewechat (WWC) with the aim of bringing people and businesses together thru digital marketing.
Aimeagles SMS Mission:
1. Aimeagles SMS  has been established to help remove stress from people (corporate and individuals), looking for means to communicate with their near and long distant customers or friends and relative forthwith.
2. To help mitigate advertisement expenses for people looking for the best and 'affordable' ways to promote their goods and services.
3. To enlist the world at large pass information across the globe without engulfing any perspiration. Just as the saying goes, "information is power" and ignorant is blind.
4. To cohere in keeping relationships (business and personal relationship) alive, because there's nothing that annihilates relationship more than lack of communication.
Our SMS Portal, and wherewechat.com website, deskstop messenger software & mobile apps enables people to keep being in contact (hearing from their dear ones) with their loved ones from anywhere in the world at large.
Aimeagles SMS Vision:
1. To be the very best out of the best.
2. To be household news.
3. To be informative.
4. To be innovative. 
5. To make the world a better place and source of entertainment, just as the saying goes, "an idle mind is the devil(s) workshop"; "all work no play makes Jack a dull boy and all play no works makes Jack a poor boy."  
6. To cohere in mitigating poverty in the society by providing job opportunities and halt societal decadence. It takes an addition to overcome an addition because the best way to rectify a menace is to ascertain the scourge of the menace (discover to recover). Don't tackle the effect - tackle the cause.
At AIMEAGLES SMS MARKETING COMPANY helping your business, career, organisation, relationship, dream, team and company grow is our joy!!!