The Story of Birkenstock

A Timeline of the Birkenstock Era
1774: In a small German community, Johann Adam Birkenstock is authorized as "issue and shoemaker" in the church's archives. Birkenstock UK Outlet
1897: Johann's grandson, Konrad Birkenstock, builds up a concept that would literally affect the form of footwear. While the bottoms of our feet are curved, shoes got always been flat inside. Konrad theorized when the shape of the shoes mirrored the design from the feet, higher ease and comfort will be achievable.
Konrad developed the initial shoe using a contoured insole to be used by shoemakers in the creation of custom boots.
1902: Konrad Birkenstock grows the 1st flexible arch help, to get inserted inside the production line-created shoes that are presently widely dispersed in Germany.
1925: Carl Birkenstock joins the organization. Birkenstock arch supports are actually simply being exported to Austria, Switzerland, France, France, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Holland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
1932: Instruction training seminars and lectures spread out to most Countries in europe. Top rated health care professionals secure the seminars and also the company's process.
1964: Carl Birkenstock's boy, Karl, usually takes his grandfather's contoured arch support concept a step more the Birkenstock sandal is born.
1966: Throughout visit to Germany, Margot Fraser looks for respite from unpleasant shoes and foot tiredness from the difficult pavement. In a spa, somebody suggests that she try out Birkenstocks.
Margot loved fast comfort together with her initially set of Birkenstocks. Additionally, she locates how the constant foot soreness she had endured for many years simply vanished within several weeks right after she came back the place to find California. Convinced of the health benefits, she commences importing Birkenstock shoes in the united states Birkenstock USA arrives.
1971: Margot enlarges her organization to a little stockroom in San Rafael, Ca.
1973: The Arizona, a design that has become symbolic of the shoe brand name, is launched, exploding Birkenstock's acceptance in the 1970's.
1985: By the starting of the 1980's, Birkenstock is really a house term during the entire nation.
1996: Birkenstock USA celebrates its 30th wedding anniversary. Birkenstock gives almost 300 type/coloration combinations, as well as the footwear is given to huge numbers of people throughout the United States.
1997: Margot Fraser and Birkenstock USA acquire a number of esteemed prizes of reputation in the boots industry.
Honors included the Ernst and Younger 1997 Store Businessperson of the Year, the Novato Holding chamber of Business 1997 Huge Enterprise of year, and induction in the Shoes News Hallway of Recognition.
2002: In October 2002, Birkenstock USA will become one hundred percent worker owned and operated, soon after Margot Fraser passes in the outstanding offers of the organization she launched over 35 years previous.
2002: Birkenstock celebrates the 25th wedding anniversary in the Boston clog.
2003: Referred to as a comfort icon in the past 30 years, the well-known Arizona two-strap sandal remembers its 30-12 months anniversary in 2003. It's special shape pioneered the thought of develop subsequent functionality. These days, the Arizona can be a steadfast older good friend plus a stylish, on-trend type for your stylish establish.
2006: The organization remembers its 40th Wedding anniversary inside the You.S.
2014: The Normcore style motion results well known interest, offering the Birkenstock as being the "ugly fairly" shoe.
2015: Shoes end up being the newest style accessory for the must-have boots brand, increasing their shoe revival tendency.
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